Send your code to prod sooner

One of the principles I'm trying to follow in my daily work is to send code into prod as soon as possible. Even if it's only part of a big changeset.

Of course nobody *should* do that. It's just an approach in development process. The reason why I'm doing this is very simple: sooner code will be delivered to prod sonner it starts working, sooner it start working - sooner you can see its disadvantages and mistakes you made.

Say you have to implement pretty big part of new business logic (integration with new payment system). Besides the logic related to the payment system calls itself sometimes you have to change current code: add something into config, adjust some interface to make it more compatible with all kinds of payment systems you have integration with, etc.

Each little piece of these changes might be delivered to prod when they are ready — not when the whole package of changes is ready.

Small pieces are much easier to review.

The big changes are much more difficult to keep under control in opposite to small changes.

The programm is getting better gradually, instead of get down at once when something goes wrong after update and you don't know exactly beacuse of what, because there were too much changes.