Why PHP is great

PHP is great because it's really easy to start with. It's really easy to take PHP and quickly write stupid prototype: simple server which does something extremely pure stuff.

The second thing I love in PHP is that it does not require any special movements where it's not necessary. Say, you need to write in file — everything you need is file_put_contents() function which does all the job. You don't have to open file, to import some special package (hello Go and python). You just say where and what you want to write. Isn't it cool?

Recently I had to write simple Telegram bot and I wrote in PHP. A bit later I started thinking of rewriting it in something more suitable for working as daemon. PHP is far not the best choice as base language for a service that is working as daemon. But at the start — at the very beginning it does well.

I don't want to compare PHP with other languages here, I just want to say that for its purposes PHP is doing well.

I am not fun of PHP. But I love it. I don't think it's a silver bullet, but I think it's pretty good choice for a lot of cases.

So, yes, I think, PHP is great. But saying that I don't mean it's greater than other languages or better suites for specific issues.